The Art of Finding and Dealing with a Good Wedding Caterer

A wedding is a special occasion that brings lots of joyous feelings like love, family, friendship and of course good food memories. Your guests are more likely looking forward to the reception as it is the social part of the event where they get to eat, drink and dance the night away. This is the reason why choosing the best caterer is such an important part of any wedding planning. You’ll want a wedding caterer that will deliver both amazing food with outstanding service and one that fits your budget. So how do you end up with the best? Consider the following tips on how choose a caterer that fits your dream wedding reception.

Find the best wedding caterer to make your event memorable to you and your guests
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Having good food on your wedding reception will surely make everyone happy
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Choose a caterer that will serve your dream wedding feast
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And with an outstanding service overall
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Budget and Guest List First

Consider your budget first and guest list. Knowing how much you are willing to spend will affect how the reception will go because you can then decide how you want the fare to be served if it’s going to be per plate or buffet style. If you are having a hard time deciding on the food serving style, you can message some caterers you have in mind and present to them your budget and the number of people you are inviting so they can give you some options or wedding package deals.

Do a Research

There are lots and lots of wedding caterers you’ll stumble upon and each one will promise to be the best one. This is why you need to do your research carefully and look for those that will not only bring a delicious menu that you prefer but also offer outstanding service. You can do your search online first by checking their websites where you can find all info (type of cuisine/food they serve, prices, photos, feedbacks from previous clients and package deals if there’s any). Narrow down your choices to 3-5 so you won’t get overwhelmed.

Talk to Them

After you made a list of the caterers you potentially want for your wedding, the next step is to talk with them. This is the time where you get to ask them anything you need from a caterer. Inquire for price quotes, their signature dishes and if they are open to creating a special menu that will fit your wedding theme or budget. If you want a full-service catering, then ask about their staff experience and if there are added fees for linens, table wares, etc. that will be needed for the feast. Also, ask for some pictures of recent events they catered so you’ll have an idea how they truly operate. Don’t be afraid to negotiate because most caterers are willing to work with their clients to make their dream wedding reception happen with prices that works best for them and their clients.

Tasting (If available)

Well what’s better way to decide which caterer to have than to taste the food they are serving? Food tasting is not always offered but it would be nice if you can get a sample of their food before you signed any contract with them. So go ahead and ask if they do offer tasting; if not you can attend bridal expos wherein wedding caterers offer food samples or attend dinner events they hold so you get a sampling of their menu. It will be worth the admission costs on these expos or dinners because you will then have a real idea of how their food tastes and would help you decide on which caterer you’d finally hire.

A caterer can impact a wedding event and how your guests will judge this momentous moment in your life; hence choosing the right caterer is important. Do your research and make an effort in finding one that will make your reception memorable with the food and service they will bring.  Find a wedding caterer that’s worth your money and will bring a delicious success to your very special event.

A wedding caterer will impact the success of your event so choose the best
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Go for a caterer that will serve the food you want, the service you need and compatible with your wedding budget
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Everyone must enjoy the food and the good service a caterer brings to a wedding reception
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The following are some of the best wedding caterers in South Bend, IN you might want to consider: